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Context Mapping Study

During this project, we will co-design a product with, and for a participant with Ataxia. By doing research, we wish to become more acquainted with the disease itself, its social effects, and its history, as well as how co-designing and human-centered design could be applied to create a meaningful product. We gained an understanding of these topics which resulted in a persona and visual storyboard. The gained knowledge is the foundation of our project and the start of the Co-Design process.

 We gained an understanding of the participants' disability and how we should work with it, and use this knowledge as a foundation of our project.  In this study, you will learn about Ataxia, co-designing, and Human-Centered Design, as well as how to apply these concepts while designing for our participant Harry. These design methods are valuable tools for improving lives and empowering specific target groups to which one may not belong. After interviewing the participant, we decided with him that we wanted to empower him by allowing him to go about his daily life like any other person.

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